Eastern Conference Semifinal Score: Canes/Bruins

Posted by David Minuk in Boston Bruins,Carolina Hurricanes,Eastern Conference,Game Report,Northeast Division,Southeast Division,Teams on May 3, 2009 — 2 Comments


  Carolina  3
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My apologies for forgetting about Staal’s empty net goal.  I guess I was so shocked by the NHL missing Chad Larose’s goal with 3 seconds remaining in the 2nd that it slipped my mind.  My thanks to hurricanesinsider for pointing out my error.

  • hurricanesinsider

    Might want to double check that final score.

  • Bob Roberts

    What are you David — one of these HUMANS I keep hearing so much about?

    (When you get to be perfect, let me know. I’ll be your manager and we’ll be rich, rich, rich!)