Bemidji State makes a presentation for admission to the WCHA

Posted by David Minuk in CHL & NCAA on April 28, 2009 — 4 Comments


Officials from Bemidji State have made their argument for admission to the WCHA. Now, they wait.

The contingent from the group that hopes to be the 11th member of the WCHA made a presentation to the league and its member schools Monday at meetings in Marco Island, Fla.

The WCHA will discuss matters Tuesday, but it is not guaranteed to vote on admission. If it does vote, eight of the 10 schools would have to vote yes to admit Bemidji State.

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Looks like the Beavers are ready to join the big boys in the WCHA.  This would leave the College Hockey of America division with just 3 teams (Alabama-Hunstville Chargers, Niagra Purple Eagles and Robert Morris Colonials).  I’m not sure this division, which was formed in 1999, can survive with just 3 teams. 

  • Mikos

    How do you have a division with 3 teams? Would those teams be amalgamated within the other College divisions?

  • I was reading Western College Hockey’s site and they said that “the CHA will be four teams in 2009-10, regardless of what gets decided with the futures of UAH and Bemidji State (in other words, even if they were accepted into new leagues today, they won’t start play in them this fall). It’s 2010-11 when Niagara and Robert Morris officially start play in Atlantic Hockey and the CHA men’s league dissolves.”

    So it appears that the league will dissolve once only 3 teams are left in 2010/11.

  • Robert Morris and Niagra (sp) are going to be in Alantic Hockey after next season and BSU and UAH need a home.

  • I was reading on Western College Hockey that the WCHA is waiting for a 12th team which may or may not be University of Omaha-Nebraska. (a team that apparently applied and was previously rejected for entry into the WCHA).