NHL Playoff Morning Papers (Sunday Edition): Jeff Carter blames himself, John Tortorella gets suspended and Jamie Langenbrunner expected to play tonight

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Eastern Conference

Boston Bruins (1) versus Montreal Canadiens (8)

  • Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe tells us that David Krejci is for real. Some people believe Marc Savard was basically Joe Thornton’s replacement in Boston, and he is sure demonstrating who the better player is this post-season.  In injury news, Patrice Bergeron’s foot is still bothering him, but not enough to hold him out of any games.
  • Stu Cowan is critical of some of Carey Price’s decisions in this morning’s Montreal Gazette

Washington Capitals (2) versus New York Rangers (7)

New Jersey Devils (3) versus Carolina Hurricanes (6)

Pittsburgh Penguins (4) versus Philadelphia Flyers (5)

  • The Penguins came back yesterday from a 3-0 deficit and sent the Flyers golfing, writes Dave Molinari.  Evegeni Malkin is looking forward to getting some rest.  Many are saying that Maxime Talbot’s fight turned the game around for Pittsburgh (Writer’s note: Garbage.  Talbot challenged Carcillo and got served hard.  In fact, he was pretty much embarassed and the crowd got jacked up as a result.  Just because the Penguins happened to score a couple fluky goals to tie the game, does not mean Talbot was the reason for that.)
  • When you blow a 3-0 lead at home, you do not deserve to win.  With the season complete, expect another goalie controversy in Philadelphia.  Forget goaltending, Jeff Carter is blaming himself for the Flyers’ fortunes.

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  • Bob Roberts

    With Torts suspended, why not dress Avery (in a designer suit, of course) and put him behind the bench?

    I didn’t see much of Carter’s wicked snap/wrist shot in the series — rib/shoulder/arm/hand injury? Even the nice swooping deke goal he scored was a pretty weak backhand — he certainly didn’t snap it in as he usually does.

    I don’t know about your comments and conclusions on Talbot’s fight, Richard:

    1. No doubt he got clocked, but do you have the impression that he’s a stupid player? Or a fighter? Or a disturber? My impression is no, no, and no. So why would he pick a fight — we can agree he picked a fight, yes? — except to motivate his team? Embarassed? He wasn’t hanging his head in the box — he was grinning from ear to ear. And the reception he got on the bench after he served his time? He got mobbed after he scored the OT goal vs the Wings last year, bit I’d say the warmth of that reception yesterday wasn’t much different.

    2. Regardless, he picks a fight at 4:20 of the second period, 15 seconds after the Flyers have gone up 3 – 0. 14 seconds later Fedotenko scores his first goal in six games. What’s fluky about going to the net and poking in a loose put in the crease? Certainly Malkin’s patented drive to the net and moves to come out from behind it couldn’t be classed as fluky.

    3. 1:56 seconds after that Mark Eaton joins the play, rushes the net, takes advantage of a rebound to the slot and bats the puck out of the air into the net. Excellent offensive read by a defensive defenceman showing great eye-hand coordination. What’s fluky about that?

    4. Two goals cutting a 3 – 0 deficit to 3 – 2 in the 2:26 following the goal which established the 3 – 0 gap, but it’s just a coincidence that the “fight” Talbot engineered happened to fall 14 seconds after the 3 – 0 goal and the two Pens goals followed in less than 2 minutes?

    5. If Crosby’s goal to even the score was fluky, he gets a lot of fluky goals. Looked more like his usual combination of determination and skill to me.

  • How much does Larry Brooks dislike John Tortorella (and vice versa). With Tortorella gettings suspended its like giving a dog a bone. Can’t wait to see the next media scrum.

    Great quote: “Our turnovers create 90 percent of their offense; we have to learn our lesson,” Tortorella said in the afternoon, before adding without a trace of irony, “That’s [one of] our two biggest issues — that and discipline.”

    Oh irony.

  • Bob,

    That first goal should have been covered by Biron; a good goalie gets that puck. The second goal Eaton misses probably 8 out of 10 times and the third goal got through Timonen and Biron and bounced to Crosby. Those weren’t exactly the goals Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan have been scoring.

    Give the Penguins credit, but I don’t think everything is always attributable to what happened directly before. Sometimes, things just happen. You get a bounce, or you get a loose puck you normally wouldn’t. Just because somebody fought a short time before doesn’t mean he is the reason they came back.

  • Bob Roberts

    Well Richard, my idea of a fluky goal is Mara’s vs. the Caps.

    I think that however you want to describe the game after the “fight” — and in particular the 2 minutes or so immediately following — the terms “coincidence” and “unconnected” are not in the running.

    Would you give the Penguins the edge in play prior to the “fight” or go so far as to call it even?

    Would you give the Flyers an edge after it or go so far as to call it even?

    It wasn’t just because someone “fought” a short time before — skill and determination scored those goals — but I saw a marked increase in the determination after it. I’d say it certainly motivated the Pens.

    Let’s hear what the rest of the crew and IC readers think.

  • Mikos

    Doesn’t appear that having Avery in the lineup had much effect. With Torts and Avery it really does appear that the inmates are controlling the asylum.

    I agree that while Talbot was destroyed perhaps his show of heart was enough to get his team to awake from the lethargy they were in to that point. As Bob says, can it be coincidence that within a few minutes of this fight, the Penguines marched back into the game. While Richard is right that the goals can be seen as the result of lucky bounces perhaps the fight helped get the Penguins the lift they needed to get those pucks into the Flyers zone. While we can’t know exactly what caused the Pens momentum the reality is that they won the game and are into the 2nd round.

  • I’m inclined to agree that it appears the momentum shifted in Pittsburgh’s favor after the fight with Talbot. Do fights always result in momentum shifts? No, clearly not. However it appears that this is what Talbot sought to achieve and since the result was succesful he reaps the reward of helping to motivate his team. Otherwise if the Flyers were to have gone on to win, the fight would have just been a footnote in a Philadelphia victory.