Conference Quarterfinal Scores: Bruins/Canadiens, Red Wings/Blue Jackets, Blackhawks/Flames, Sharks/Ducks

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 Game Notes:

  • Red Wings open the Stanley Cup Playoffs at the Joe for a record 17th straight season.
  • Chris Osgood is the last goalie in the NHL to wear the old school mask.
  • The Canadiens were a No. 8 seed in the 2004 playoffs (under Claude Julien) when they knocked out the top-seeded Bruins from the playoffs in 7 games.
  • It’s been 40 years since the NHL playoffs featured an all-California series.  Not since 1969, when the Oakland Seals and Los Angeles Kings played.
  • Joe Thornton had his 1st shot of the game with 48.4 remaining in the 3rd period.


  FINAL T         FINAL T
  Montreal  2         Columbus  1
  Boston  4         Detroit  4
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  FINAL OT T         FINAL T
  Calgary          Anaheim  2
  Chicago  3         San Jose 
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Red Wings vs. Blue Jackets 3 Stars:

  • 1st Star:  Osgood was fantastic when the Wings needed him to be.  (13 shots in the 1st period).
  • 2nd Star: Detroit’s 3rd line played like the 1st line.  Combined for 5 points tonight.
  • 3rd Star:  Steve Mason was fantastic and had some bad luck on deflections off his defenceman.
  • Bob Roberts

    Ducks in 6 or 7
    Wings in 5 or 6 (but four if they start to roll)

  • Which game you watching tonight? Montreal/Boston or Detroit/Columbus? After first period I can tell you that Osgood has come to play. He has stood on his head. 13 shots saved so far.

  • Good to see Big Joe become small Joe again in the playoffs. It’s as predictable as Gary Bettman doing something stupid.

  • Perhaps he’s allergic to the playoffs?