NCAA Championship Game: One For The Ages

Posted by David Minuk in CHL & NCAA on April 11, 2009 — 17 Comments


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As I’ve said before on this blog I never really followed College Hockey but as a result of the excitement that has been building throughout this year’s tournament I decided to take a more in-depth interest.  Good thing for me that I did because from start to finish this has been some of the most exciting hockey I have ever seen.  These kids play with tremendous heart. 

I have a somewhat jaded outlook in that whenever I’m watching NHL hockey and a team is down by more than a couple of goals with a minute or so remaining, my expectation is that the game is over.  Well I’ve learnt in College Hockey that this does not apply.  During this tourney we’ve seen teams come back from 2 goal deficits with under a minute remaining in the 3rd period to tie the game, force OT and then win the game in extra time.  (ironically while this did happen tonight I could be referencing a number of games that took place throughout the tournament).

I was at the gym watching the game and Miami (Ohio) was up 3-1 with a minute to go.  As I stood chatting with a few others watching the final minute one guy mentioned how nice it was that a team like Miami (Ohio), a team who in the history of the school had never made it to any final in any sport, let alone win one, would take home the NCAA title.  And all they had to do was kill the final minute of the 3rd period and they would be champs.

Well as fate would have it with with 59.5 seconds remaining Zach Cohen banged a rebound home at the left post to draw the Terriers to within a goal.  At this point all the people in the gym that were thinking the underdog’s had it were getting a bit nervous.  And with good reason as with 17.4 seconds to play, Nick Bonino one-timed a great pass from Hobey Baker winner Matt Gilroy to tie the game and send it to overtime.

Much to my dismay the gym closed with 10 minutes to go in a back and forth overtime so I had to leave but luckily I dvr’d the game so I could watch the exciting conclusion to overtime. 

I would try and sum up the game winning goal but it’s probably best if I allowed Gary Thorne and Barry Melrose do it for me.  Here is the video of the OT game winner by Colby Cohen of the Boston University Terriers.

What a fantastic tournament, culminating in what’s being described as one of the best NCAA Hockey finals ever.  Congrats to the 2009 NCAA champion Boston University Terriers and as well congrats to the runner-up Miami (Ohio) Redhawks who also deserve praise for their excellent level of play throughout the tournament.

I should also mention that the crowd at the Verizon Center was incredible.  Close to 19,000 took in the final game and I’ve been told that the atmosphere was electric.

  • I don’t believe for one second that you were at the gym. Maybe you were at the gym, if gym is code for waiting in line for a Little Caesar’s Hot and Ready.

  • True story, really was at the gym. I’ve given up Little Caesars as a way of protesting the exorbitant prices they charge at the Joe. Because of me they re-signed Franzen but due to my protest (in the words of Kramer “we’re taking it to the street”) they will likely not have the necessary fund to re-sign Hossa.

  • Bob notice my earlier post?? I managed to predict the final score. I am officially retiring as a prognosticator.

  • Ari

    Great info. What a game!

  • Bob Roberts

    So it’s not Cats vs Beavers, Cats win?

    Well done David — classy move going out on a big win.

    Of course now you can’t get in on the NHL playoff predictions, being retired.

    ***I predict you’ll change your mind (or at least pull a weasel out of your hat — you know, “But that was just retiring from Frozen Four predictions, not ALL hockey for crying out loud. C’mon!”.)***

  • Ok you got me. I am officially un-retiring from prognostication.

  • Mikos

    Saw bits and pieces of the game. These young guns sure play hard. Thought both teams deserved to win it. Miami really played at a high level throughout the game. Well done BU.

  • Bob Roberts

    So — I’m one for one in post season prognostication.

  • That was an awesome game if BSU and UND are there why not a team like BU? Thank good the best team won this season. It puts the Target right on the back of the winning team and the WCHA teams can fly under the radar again this season.

  • I don’t know if could be at the gym whe this game was going on, too exciting.

  • Ya it was a tough decision to go (but because the gym was closed today I wanted to get in a workout) and since I taped the game I figured I would be able to watch it afterwards. Of course I didn’t expect the game to be on at the gym.

  • Also I apologize for possible jinxing the Fighting Sioux as I picked them to make it to the Frozen Four.

  • That is alright, I didn’t think they had a chance being in BU regional.

  • So what are the Sioux’s prospects like for next year?

  • Very good for next year. I think UND will make a deep run into the NCAA playoffs.

  • WCHA Champs. Time to get back to the NCAA Finals. Haven’t won since 2000 although they still manage to produce NHL talent year after year!!!

  • Mikos

    They did make the Finals in 2001 and 2005.