Somebody get E.J. Hradek a cameraman

Posted by curve in Television & Radio on April 2, 2009 — 1 Comment

Found this over at Barry Melrose Rocks:

Today, we have new evidence of just how bad things have gotten for the hockey folks over at ESPN. As you can see in the video below, the network cannot afford tripods nor dishelved homeless people to hold thier cameras anymore. EJ Hradek is forced to record this video while holding his own camera in an awkwardly MySpace kind of way at home in his room. Pictures are expected to surface sometime later this week of Hradek using his own bathroom mirror to take full body shots of himself for use on his MySpace profile. 

Watch the hilarious video here.

E.J. knows his stuff but apparently he doesn’t know any people! Man, couldn’t someone have held that camera for him?  That’s like the classic self-picture that you can see all over Facebook and MySpace. 

  • That video is depressing. Someone run out to Best Buy and buy him a tripod for his camera. At least he could have shot the video at a desk instead of the bathroom. Looks like ESPN needs some of that economic stimulus.