Has Lecavalier played his last game for the Lightning?

Posted by Richard Pollock in Tampa Bay Lightning on April 2, 2009 — 1 Comment

From TSN:

Tampa Bay Lightning captain Vincent Lecavalier will undergo surgery to repair damage to his right wrist on Friday.

The procedure was originally scheduled to take place last summer but was delayed after Lecavalier suffered damage to his right shoulder during the Lightning’s second-to-last game of the season.

”Obviously it is disappointing that Vinny will not be able to finish the season, but we feel that it is in both his and the team’s best interest to have the wrist operated on now,” said Lightning Executive Vice President and General Manager Brian Lawton. ”Vinny has been battling this injury all season and I really can’t say enough about his ability to play through the pain and discomfort.”

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Lecavalier is being spared the last few games of a mess-of-a-season in Tampa Bay.  The biggest question in my mind is whether Lecavalier has played his last game in Tampa?  To be honest, I think he has.  The economy is slipping and I can see the Tampa owners trading out of that long-term, big money deal this summer. 

In other news, the Lightning have traded Lecavalier’s surgeon…

  • Bob Roberts

    Let’s see — which team has lots of money and cap space? And Burkey? Think of this — Vinnie and the Sedins playing for TO next year. Burkey loves to make a splash. Loves to wheel and deal. No doubt the TB Cowboys think they’re in his league. Scary thought. Never happen, right?