More Oilers backlash

Posted by Richard Pollock in Edmonton Oilers,Uncategorized on April 1, 2009 — 5 Comments

From Robin Brownlee over at OilersNation:

MacTavish thought he had it right when he asked the referees to measure the blade of Selanne’s stick with 2:11 to play, thinking it was too wide, but he got it wrong because he got bad information.

It was just another blunder to add to the misery of Oiler fans who’ve now packed Rexall Place for 151 straight games and in return have been treated to expensive beer, too many half-assed efforts, a grand total of 16 wins in 37 home games and untold heartache this season.

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Alright, MacTavish obviously made a terrible error last night against Anaheim by calling for a stick measurement and being wrong (considering that this happened with just over two minutes to play and the Oilers down one makes it even worse).  But at least give him credit for putting his neck on the line; granted, I know many people will claim he is already on the chopping block so what does he have to lose?  Even so, he still has to look those players in the eyes after the game and obviously is confident enough to make such a bold decision.

To me, the real issue is that MacTavish doesn’t have the confidence in his team to score that goal at even strength/with the advantage of the goalie pulled and, you know what, who can blame him?  Watching this game just confirmed the fact that the Oilers were up against a better team.  Just look at who was on the ice for the Ducks first power play (Niedermayer, Pronger, Getzlaf, Perry and Selanne).  The Oilers can’t match that talent and couldn’t all night.  The fact of the matter is that they lost to the better team (wasn’t it apparent that Anaheim was the better team at the Honda Center last week too?).

Desperate times calls for desperate measures and if the Oilers had actually scored more than one goal in the first 50+ minutes of the game then MacTavish wouldn’t have had to try such a move.  Sure he will probably be fired at season’s end, and it is probably time for a change but the players should be held responsible just as well.

  • The problem is players are never really held accountable. Its easier to fire 1 coach then 20+ players.

  • Richard, I think the anger stems from the fact that the Oilers had just scored two goals and were buzzing in the Ducks end. Hiller was floundering and MacTavish’s gamble gave the Ducks a de facto time out and stymied what little momentum the Oilers had going for them. In reality, would the PP have helped anyways? Hemsky can hold the puck on the half-wall for 2 minutes of his own time.

    David, the players have been held accountable for years. How many guys have to come and go before MacTavish gets guys he can coach. Sometimes the coach has to conform to his players, not the other way around. Even this season, MacTavish has tossed some of his productive guys under the bus while allowing his favorites to do whatever they pleased without consequences.

  • Bob Roberts

    Brutus: Psst, Selanne’s stick is illegal.

    MacC: Yeah? Good, we’ll stick it to them with a PPG.

    Brutus: Well, someone is gonna get it stuck to them…

    So, who told MacT about the stick?

    Everyone else has been sticking it to Mac(C)T, but so far I’m the only one I’ve read who’s saying “Lowe should go.”.

    Where have the players who are not performing come from? Who’s brought them in?

    Let’s see:

    Penner — what has he contributed, and maybe more important: what has he cost?

    Cole — ditto.

    And where are they: Schremp, Brule,…? Are they world-beaters? Well, how will you know if you don’t play them? And why go get them if you aren’t going to play them?

    As for not replacing MacT earlier: loyalty is a good thing, and so is “sending a message to the players”; but if ALES HEMSKY is finally speaking out it is abundantly clear that not only are the players not impressed with the message, they’re ignoring the sender. But it is a good move tactically to wait until “public demand” leaves you no choice and the prevailing perception is that the only mistake you made is being “loyal to a fault”. Highly acceptable, that.

    Will MacT be fired. Pretty likely. But Lowe should go too, and in my opinion, first.

    Ironically, I thought bringing in Steve Tambellini was a good hockey move but had a lot of the insulating/position consolidating flavour to it on Lowe’s part. A shrewd move, but a double-edged one (there’s that blade image again)’ because the problem with that kind of a move in management circles is that Tambellini now becomes the ideal replacement. He’s had the on-the-job training, and Lowe can hardly claim that the man he handpicked isn’t up to the job. Cheap move, too. Just add “and President of Hockey Operations” to Steve’s door and you gain office space to boot. Are you listening Mr. Rexall? (What’s his name again, Drew?)

  • Mikos

    I think you guys aren’t giving C Mac enough credit. He was obviously giving the site a subtle ‘shout out’. He knew that Selanne’s stick was legal, but he OBVIOUSLY wanted people to think, illegalcurve, illegalcurve, illegalcurve. You should be thanking him for the free advertising.

  • Mikos, we have purchased Selanne’s stick and its being Fed-Exed to Edmonton right now.

    Bob, I am with you on Lowe. This team has missed the playoffs something like 5 of his 7 years at the helm. I think he should go, along with the entire coaching staff. I am willing to give Tambellini a year or two, but not much more than that.