Top 10 NHL Goalie Masks of All-Time

Posted by Neil in Columns,The HD Corner on March 30, 2009 — 4 Comments

Why is it that most of the cool looking and innovative masks were only around in the 70s?  Don’t get me wrong, some of today’s NHL designs are cool looking, but seeing a country singer on the side of Carey Price’s mask doesn’t exactly give me goosebumps.  For years I credited Brodeur for maintaining his same design, but this year he switched it up to promote his new MB30 brand.  Is it a coincidence that he missed almost the entire season for the first time with an injury?  Nonetheless, here are the top 10 masks of all-time.  Well at least in my opinion anyways.

(10)  Kelly Hrudey, Kings.  You won’t see Jonathan Quick wearing this design any time soon.

(9)  Doug Favell, Flyers. The first goalie to paint his entire mask.

(8)  Ed Giacomin, Red Wings. Only goalie to feature advertising on his mask.  The red spark plugs featured were to promote the company Champion Spark Plugs in the mid-70s.

(7)  Gary Simmons, Golden Seals. This mask is trippy.

(6)  Gary Bromley, Canucks. Spooky.  Hello Clarice.

(5)  Gilles Gratton, Rangers.  Famous mask, on a not so famous goaltender.

(4)  Brian Hayward, Sharks. Mediocre goalie, unbelievable mask.

(3)  Gerry Cheevers, Bruins. Unique design where every time Cheevers was hit in the face with a puck, he would paint a stitch on his mask to show where he would have been cut had he not been protecting his face.  Even modern day goalies have paid tribute.

(2)  Ed Belfour, Blackhawks. His original design has become a staple in the mask design industry, and created an image for Belfour.  When asked for comment, Belfour says the design is worth “one billion dollars”.

(1)  Jacques Plante, Canadiens.  The innovator.

  • Loved Eddie the Eagles masks. (especially his Hawks masks).

  • Scroll up for a special trivia contest related to number 6!

  • Bob Roberts

    I played my entire hockey career goaltending without a mask.
    I quess the closest modern equivalent would be a dunce cap, which would have provided about the same protection. (But that Bromley mask is a s cool today as it was then.)
    You are now free to take shots at my smarts or lack thereof.
    No raisees though.

  • Found a good site that lists a ton of goaltenders masks ( but was depressed when I saw that they had Bobby Essensa’s as a Canuck, Sabre and Oiler but not as a Jet. Looked for Eldon ‘Pokey’ Reddick. Nowhere to be found.