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  • Are the NY Islanders already looking for Free AgentsWould you sign in Long Island right now?
  • Update around the Sens world. 
  • Flyers fans are upset with the B’s play by play announcer, Jack EdwardsHis laugh is rather maniacal.
  • Preds a lock to achieve key attendance goal.  Impressive that with all the talk of a move, the fans continue to show up.
  • Alex Burrows hair pull that’s being heard around the world.  I’ve used this move on my sister.  Works everytime.
  • Top Av’s of all time: #6 (on the list) Rob BlakeI usually think of him as a King first.
  • Defending Forest Gump and Sidney CrosbyIn a strange sort of way her argument makes sense.
  • A message to Dallas Stars fans. 
  • Alexander Semin: “The Playoffs can’t start soon enough”.  It seems like the Capitals are just waiting around for the playoffs to start.
  • The Swedish machine that never breaks, Nicklas BackstromGuys a beast.
  • Panthers fans are irate with Steve Ott.  Bet lots of NHL teams feel the same.
  • The future of the Thrashers is discussed. 
  • Bob Roberts

    Anyone who’s just waiting around for the playoffs to start is a fool. Coasting into anything important is a monumental error.

  • Especially when Jose Theodore is your backstop

  • Agreed Bob.

  • Bob Roberts

    But — if that Varlamov gets to play (and I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts Wednesday vs. the Isles)…

    Look out for him. He’s better than either of the Masons I think.

    And we all know how big a playoff factor hot goaltending is.

  • TheMetalChick

    “Would you sign in Long Island right now?”

    Hmmm, ask Doug Weight… or for that matter, Mark Streit. ;D

    How many guys have played on the Island and dont speak highly of their time there? To find any you have to go back a while!

    Seems to me that the Island is a great place to sign if you have something to prove. 🙂

  • I guess that was a tad harsh. I’m not knocking the Island. (ok I guess I was). I meant in terms of the uncertainty that appears to be surrounding the franchise.

    I mean this was the team to be on almost 30 years ago and it just hasn’t managed to regain that form.

    Regardless if its posturing or not, who would have ever expected to hear the threat of moving the New York Islanders to Kansas City.

  • As an aside if the fans in Dallas decide that they aren’t enjoying watching the Stars, they should enjoy watching Lindsay Soto.

  • I would sign on the Island just to meet chicks with that accent. Oh, and to be close to Jersey.

  • Further to my point about Long Island;

    From 1974/75-1987/88 (14 seasons): Made the playoff’s every year, won 4 Stanley Cups and made 5 total Cup appearances.

    From 1994/95-2008/09 (14 seasons – ignores lockout): Have failed to make the playoff’s 10 times, 4 times lost in quarterfinals.

    It would lead one to believe that these are two different franchises. Of course lots of teams suffer a decline it just seems like the Islanders has lasted longer than most.