On the Beat: Coyote hunting and a scary story from Columbus

Posted by Richard Pollock in Boston Bruins,Buffalo Sabres,Colorado Avalanche,Columbus Blue Jackets,Phoenix Coyotes on March 27, 2009 — 2 Comments

What team beat writers are saying this afternoon:

  • James Gordon of the Ottawa Citizen wonders who the heck would want to buy the CoyotesI have been asking the same question myself.  That team has been a money pit for owners, why would someone, particulary in these economic times, want to invest in a money losing venture?
  • Phil Kessel was not at Bruins practice this morning.  Awaiting word on why.
  • Drew Stafford will be in the lineup tonight versus Toronto after being demoted to the “fifth line” in Buffalo’s last game.  They certainly need him to contribute to have a realistic shot at the playoffs.
  • Adrian Dater is doing a good job of getting the Avs fans geeked up for the possibility that John Tavares will end up in Denver.  Gotta have something to look forward to!
  • In a rather frightening story, some person was apparently threatening to kill Steve Mason last night at the Blue Jackets game.  This is the link from the Columbus papers, Drew has linked some quotes in the post below.
  • 200 million lost since purchased in 2001. Insane.

  • Bob Roberts

    Well it would be insane if it were a face-value figure, but as Randy Turner pointed out last week on the IC radio show: (a) it’s privately held so the amount of creative accounting (not dishonest, more selective reporting) has to match what is on the books for the IRS, but in the context of the overall financial holdings of the single owner, as well as qualifying for NHL money redistribution — accountants are by no means stupid, nor are the people who employ them — it likely is not insane at all, any more than it is a face-value figure; and (b) had the owner’s other financial holdings (the ones that had been the main source of his profitability and which had been in desperate need of a large paper loss to offset those profits from the tax-owing point of view) not taken a huge hit along with most of the rest of the US economy since last fall, you never would have seen the situation reported as it has recently been. Reported yes, but in the same light, no.

    Who would buy the Coyotes? If they can be moved Mr. Blackberry would in a heartbeat. Same as he would the Habs. And he may just look at the Habs even if he can’t move them.