The HD Corner: Top 10 Goal Celebrations

Posted by Neil in Columns,The HD Corner on March 23, 2009 — No Comments

With Ovechkin’s recent “hot stick” goal celebration being a hot topic lately, I thought it would be a nice treat to rank the top 10 outlandish goal celebrations.  Let’s do this.

(10) Sean Avery vs. Nashville.  The Push Up (scroll to 14 second mark).

(9) Mike Foligno / Nick Foligno vs. Various.  The Stomp.

(8) Miro Satan vs. Toronto.  The Phone Call.

(7) Milan Hedjuk Part 1 and Part 2 vs. Dallas.  The Dive and The Swim.

(6) Jaromir Jagr vs. Various.  The Salute.

(5) Daryl Evans vs. Edmonton.  The Mob (scroll to the 3:50 mark).

(4) Brad May vs. Boston. The Skate.

(3) Theo Fleury vs. Edmonton.  The Slide.

(2) Tiger Williams vs. Various.  Riding the Stick.

(1) Teemu Selanne vs. Quebec. The Shooter.