NHL Morning Papers (Tuesday Edition): Granato calls out Arnason, Hossa’s first game against Penguins and Lupul demoted to 4th line in Philadelphia

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I’m back from Vegas, where hockey only exists if you beg the sports book to turn on an Oilers/Devils game on the corner television that no one watches.  I could go on for a while, so I have decided that I will talk about hockey in Vegas as the topic of my Wednesday Editorial.  Before getting back in the morning papers groove, I’d like to thank the rest of the contributors for picking up the slack while I was away. 

Without further ado, here are the morning papers for Tuesday the 11th of November:

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5 responses to “NHL Morning Papers (Tuesday Edition): Granato calls out Arnason, Hossa’s first game against Penguins and Lupul demoted to 4th line in Philadelphia”

  1. Bob Roberts says:

    Watching the play of Brad Stuart, I wonder if letting Kyle Quincey go was a rare Ken Holland mistake. I often watch the Kings games (ever see Fox’s HD ice-level games, HD Neil?) as the second half of double-headers and I’ve been very impressed with Quincey’s play: to be even, playing 22 minutes/game and have a goal and 5 assists in 10 games with the Kings is, well,…impressive.

    I rarely miss a Wings game, and I can only say that “Wince” would be my nickname for Stuart; he makes me that nervous when he handles the puck. There’s no doubt he played well in the playoffs last year, and Ken Holland certainly knows a bit more evaluating hockey talent than I do; but I’d rather have the guy who just turned 23 and is playing so well with a very young team whose goaltending is…

    As for you, Richard, I look forward to your editorial, and I wonder if I’m getting it right: you got the flu and were off and then went to Vegas for a long weekend…? 24 hour thing was it? Of course what happens (just before and/or) in Vegas…

    Seriously, despite appearances — yours and mine — I’m glad you’re better: welcome back. You missed an interesting Podcast.

    Drew and Ezzy discussed ticket sales and attendance (among many things), but they didn’t mention the winning seat prize for Saturday night ticket purchasers in St. Louis: if yours is the seat number drawn the Blues pay your mortage or rent for 4 months. Tough times, indeed.

    Even at their ticket prices, and given that seeing a game live is the best, I’m glad of my $179 NHL Centre Ice package. (I don’t know why everybody says it costs $200 — it’s $179 including tax right up to the first game of the season.)

  2. Mikos says:

    Bettman pours cold water on second Toronto team

    Does he bring a shovel to his interviews??? Talk about talking out of both sides of your face.

  3. Drew says:


    A good interesting podcast, or a bad interesting podcast?

    Also your reference to it, was the first I have heard of the Blues promotion. Good to see a team thinking outside the box for their promotions.

  4. Bob Roberts says:

    Haven’t heard a bad one yet.

    Would’ve been even more interesting, I suspect, if Richard had been there commenting as well. He always seems to be a catalyst to discussion with his observations. I expect we’ll hear all about Vegas in the next one.

    He could’ve been a live-interview guest from Vegas. More interesting comments (certainly less predictable) than Sean Avery, I’d say.

  5. Richard says:

    I appreciate the kind words Bob. I held out on commenting until listening to the podcast last night and the boys did a great job. Really well done.

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