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I would like to break down a few broadcasting tandems that are kept under the radar, and usually only seen by regional viewers.  Of course, a select few of us are fortunate enough to watch out-of-market games with NHL Centre Ice.  And with more and more people forking over the $200 to pay for this package, I would like to introduce you to a few new faces you may encounter this season.

Chicago Blackhawks: Pat Foley (play-by-play) and Eddie Olczyk (colour)

Breaking news: Blackhawks games will finally be televised this season!  You can now safely throw away that ham radio of yours.  If you do manage to tune into Hawks games this season, you’ll be able to see Eddie O team up with the long time voice of the Blackhawks, Pat Foley.  Foley is hilarious – not funny “ha ha” more funny like “did that senile old man just say that?”  If you don’t believe me, you need to check out this clip of Pat Foley ripping Alexander Karpotsev.

Atlanta Thrashers: JP Dellacamera (play-by-play) and Darren Eliot (colour)

Both Dellacamera and Elliot are two of the biggest Thrasher homers out there.  Correction: they are the only two Thrasher homers out there.  The local Thrasher broadcasts are simply worth checking out for comedic value.  According to Elliot, Kovalchuk will easily win the Selke this season, and Slava Kozlov’s career is just peaking at the ripe age of 38.

Columbus: Jeff Rimer (play-by-play) and Danny Gare (colour)

Unlike the Dallas Stars, the Blue Jackets aren’t exactly a dominating team, but who needs that when you have such a great tandem in the broadcasting booth.  For the one Panthers fan out there, you may remember Rimer when he was calling Panthers games back in the Ivan Novoseltsev glory days.  Although Danny Gare is about three times the size as he was when he played for the Sabres, the two make a great team and both drink the Ken Hitchcock endorsed “defense first” Kool Aid.

Carolina Hurricanes: John Forslund (play-by-play) and Tripp Tracy (colour)

Forslund’s patented catchphrase of “Hey hey whattya say?” is a must see for all hockey fans out there.  Carolina’s offense should be booming this season, as the many ‘Canes fans can attest to – columnist Drew Mindell found this out the hard way this past Summer.

Dallas Stars: Ralph Strangis (play-by-play) and Darryl Reaugh (colour)

Before you read this paragraph, you need to check out Darryl Reaugh’s blog.  Seriously…click here. By the look of his picture, Reaugh may be a Panache model during his spare time.  You may remember Reaugh’s schtick from the early EA Sports NHL games, and the former goalie’s antics have not changed.  Not only is Reaugh hilarious, but the Stars are a good team and could take the Pacific division crown this year.

  • Bob Roberts

    I’m just an old fart, I know, but I have had NHLCI since it was available on ExpressVu (that’s why I got the dish in the first place — cable here didn’t have it then and ONLY got it last season if you can believe that: the ONLY thing I wish I had from elsewhere in Canada is Rogers: that package with CI/Sunday Ticket/MLB/NBA/NCAA is amazing) and the only faces worth watching and listening to on any of the broadcast were on Canadian broadcasts. Still are, as far as I’m concerned. Comendic value aside (does that index rise when the hockey shown declines?) I’d rather listen to (and watch) the guys on RDSHD — I learn another (hockey) language and have a great HD picture (hear that CBC?) and rarely have to watch the Leafs (although last Thursday was a treat, let’s be fair) than any US broadcast. MSGHD does have a very good picture (did you notice CBC got smart and used their feed for the Ranger overseas openers?), but since Davidson went grey and to the Blues (oh my, there’s a blues rinse joke there, just for men though) the commentary is useless. I hear there is software available that enables you to sync any broadcast play-by-play (TV/Radio/Blog) to any video you have via the net. That may be the way to go. For comedy there’s always HBO et cetera (Foley and his kind aside).

  • Bob Roberts

    Hey — that was almost a rant!

    Well, rant-LIKE, anyway.

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