The HD Corner: TSN…The Sequel!

Posted by Neil in Columns,Television & Radio,The HD Corner on August 7, 2008 — 5 Comments

After much speculation and many mentions on Illegal Curve in previous posts, TSN will in fact be launching TSN2 this fall on a digital cable service provider near you!  Actually, that’s not really accurate as both ExpressVu and Rogers haven’t agreed to include it in their subscriber packages yet.  I’m sure they will soon, so stay tuned.  The channel will take over TSN’s current alternate feed, and will feature “major-league programming” such as NBA and NHL games, 24-hours a day.  Look out The Score!  They’re coming after you.  This will solve various conflicts such as when Blue Jays Baseball and the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs collide.  Luckily Rod Black won’t win this round.

For full TSN2 details, read the article here.

As for other happenings in the media world this past week:

Marc Crawford was nabbed up by the CBC, and is looking for a partner.  Although I’m not sure what his “lifestyle” choices are away from the rink, a play-by-play man is needed at CBC to work beside him.  According to sources, at this point it is rumoured that he will be working with Mark Lee for the late games this year, but that is subject to change.  Bob Cole and Greg Millen will likely call the early Leafs games, with Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson getting more exposure calling the early games that are nationally distributed.  This is of course assuming that no one other than in Leaf Land would want to watch such a miserable team.  Hmmm…I wonder why the Love Guru tanked at the box office?

Pierre LeBrun will also be on CBC this year, leaving his Sportsnet duties.  Look for LeBrun to make his return to the already crammed Hotstove, as well as the popcorn shrimp buffet across the street from Hockey Night’s Toronto studio.  Let’s hope LeBrun doesn’t have any wardrobe malfunctions during his triumphant homecoming.

  • Bob Roberts

    That’s good news from TSN, especially the HD part.

    As for CBC…on the plus side…LeBrun, Hughson, MacLean, Duhatschek (on occasion), finally noticing that not everyone wants to watch the Leafs. On the minus side…song, Milbury, Crawford, Cole & Millen (or are they a plus if only The Leaf Nation sees them?), Morrison, and especially TSN.

  • Why doesn’t HNIC give Duhatschek a prominent spot on the pre-game show?

  • Bob Roberts

    I guess for the same reason(s) they neglect all the other smart moves for the stupid ones, Richard. Seriously though, I think ED has a full plate with other non-print gigs and you get the impression he’s a pretty smart cookie outside of his hockey savvy too. Maybe he’s a bit leery of CBC? Can’t think why.
    You’ve got media clout over there at IC — ask him. I’d like to see an interview with him and read his comments on a lot of things (like Keenan). Ask Morrison too. No, don’t bother with SM — who needs a bunch of flippant BS in response to serious questions: like his quotes re: the HNIC theme song debacle for example. The theme song now should be “Taps’. Of course he’d probably have trouble getting the rights to that, too.

  • We definitely need to get another ED interview done pronto. Check out the interview Richard had with him a couple of months ago in the “Interviews” section. Here’s hoping the Blues give Andy Murray the boot early into the season, and HNIC brings him on board and gives Crawford his walking papers. Agree?

  • Bob Roberts

    Murray would be terrfic, no doubt (smart, well-spoken, great person); but do you think there’s any chance short of MC being hired as a head coach again (how likely is that, at least in the short term?) that CBC will boot him so fast?

    I’d much rather see Milbury gone though. The guy’s just garbage as far as I’m concerned. (Ask Tomi Salo his opinion on MM — bet the reply would be very interesting if unprintable.) I’d even rather see Nik Kypreos than MM, but even CBC wouldn’t be that stupid. Tell me they wouldn’t.

    And Neil, time doesn’t just fly for old farts like me apparently –that interview with ED was last fall! Seriously though I checked it and the one with SM out and enjoyed them both. Thanks for the tip. Being new to your site I hadn’t got around to the Interviews section. I’d have liked to have you ask ED about Keenan instead of SM! Very interesting to read both their thoughts with the benefit of hindsight, eh?

    On the subject of wish lists for interviewees, I’d really like to see Andy Bianchi and PJ Stock.

    Great stuff, guys!