"That Sarich, He’s Unbelievable"

Posted by mremis in Calgary Flames,San Jose Sharks,Videos on April 14, 2008 — 5 Comments

Kelly Hrudey: Did that guy ever get up?
Ron MacLean: Yes!!!

Here is Cory Sarich brutalizing Patrick Marleau and then steamrolling Quinn Hancock back in junior hockey.

  • Anonymous


  • gribbler

    Not an elbow. He didn’t stick his elbow out, that’s why no penalty.

  • kanadienkyle

    It was a clean hit. Watched the replay over and over. Marleau had his head down, looked up and saw nothing but red.

  • Anonymous

    Im a sharks fan, even I will concede it was a clean hit. C’mon Wilson pull you head out of your @$$!!

  • Richard Pollock

    That hit was absolutely ridiculous. Clean and forceful. How did Marleau get up? Im still wondering. Give him props for toughness. Rest of the Sharks? Not so much.